Online Training keeps people connected while working from home

Online Training builds cohesive teams because it’s convenient, less stressful and can be done from home

It was only when the first rumblings of pandemic started at the beginning of 2020 that companies had to invent new ways of working, pretty much, on the fly.

Working from home (WFH) has been around for a while. The Pandemic still caught most Banks and large employers off-guard. Thanks to Covid, massive, sweeping changes engulfed entire workforces, in only a few days.

After a shaky few days, however, most were up and running in one form or another. Since then, the news has not been all bad. In fact a few straw polls have revealed some surprises including one that productivity has actually gone up….

Not all it’s cracked up to be?

But of course it’s still early days, and the jury remains out on whether WFH is good for productivity or not. There appears to be some anecdotal evidence from studies that WFH is not all it’s cracked up to be. At least for some anyway. According to one study 42% of remote workers had trouble sleeping. They reported waking up repeatedly in the night, compared to only 29% who always worked in the office. Around 41% of highly mobile workers felt stress “always or most of the time” compared to only 25% who always worked at the office at least partly due to being tethered to mobile devices.

As long ago as 2013, then-CEO Marissa Mayer of Yahoo put the brakes on working from home, when she banned the practise at Yahoo  – whose fortunes, it must be said, were already in decline (it’s tempting to think they’re related, but that’s just pushing the bounds of speculation too far).

IBM also followed suit when they curtailed the practise radically through-out their world-wide operations. I’m pretty sure they have had to reverse course on this one in recent months, though.

The new challenge for HR, People Leaders and managers alike is how to manage teams who no longer work in the same physical space?

The New Normal is now just ‘Normal’

“As the industry settles into this new paradigm of teams working remotely, mostly from home, there are several challenges that are emerging in terms of team management, and the first is training provision“, said Solveworx Director, Gary Collins.

“Online Training builds cohesion in teams and its important for any organisation in the Banking and Fintech industry”. He said constant innovation in the digital space means that your teams need to always be on top of new developments, to understand new ideas and see new directions for products and services.

Mr Collins said that under ‘New Normal conditions’ we (business and clients) had to change. This is even more important, because traditional training is not feasible with a distributed team.  However, we’ve replicated what we used to do in our classrooms, only this time online, with excellent results. We’ve designed things so that everyone can follow along. The platform makes it easy to ask questions and discuss points of interest among and between themselves live in real-time. The Course Director ensure the topics and covered, and the moderator keeps the flow going, said Mr Collins

As with the team’s connection to each other, Online Training builds strong teams, by using cutting-edge video and communications technology. This makes it possible to bring necessary training to any team regardless of location.  Our Training specialists have already fully adapted to this new digital approach, offering innovative, bespoke training solutions designed for the banking industry and fully supportive of remote working.

More focus, less distractions

Using video conferencing and other communication platforms along with remotely accessible training materials including video and documentation, Training Programs are able to provide extensive educational and support solutions throughout the learning process.

In fact, this approach can see training times reduced for similar outcomes. With fewer office distractions and a focus on direct training rather than group participation, individuals can see as much as a 60% increase in the pace of their learning.

Cut time out the office, and eliminate travel costs

It’s also far more cost-effective for companies to do Online Training. That’s because employers don’t have to pick up the cost for any regional or International Travel. In fact, the unit costs for Online Training are significantly less without Travel, Accommodation and Time out the office.

It’s also better for most employees, because it let’s them learn in a more effective way. Online lets them adapt to their own learning style for a more productive learning experience.

So its not just a case of Working From Home but also Learning From Home. Employees feel comfortable and relaxed, and because they can weave live training into their work day and work through the materials at their own pace, as and when they prefer.

And like working from home, the entire learning process becomes something employees now control and enjoy. This is a difference from team training, oft-times out of town, in hotels, in an unfamiliar.

Innovative digital training tailored to the team’s unique needs, offers a less stressful, more engaging experience that delivers exceptional results

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