The purpose of the Blockchain Course is to give each individual a complete ‘A to Z’ view of the blockchain, starting with the basics, and progressing over 3-days, through step-by-step learning, for a thorough understanding of the topic,

This course is the ideal place to start if you want to get a handle on the essential concepts, ideas and trends driving the blockchain today and has been specifically created for executives, managers and leaders, who are new or relatively new to blockchain, as an intensive one-day learning session.

Blockchain in Banking & Financial Services

By the end of the course, delegates will be sufficiently armed with the key ideas, concepts, trends and language to engage with peers and colleagues on the subject as well as get key insights about where blockchain is gaining real traction, why venture capitalists and business alike are so excited, and who is developing commercially viable products and services, exploring advanced technologies, using Blockchain & IoT (‘Internet of Things’), AI & Robotics and why the some organisations are set to capitalise on the almost limitless opportunities for growth.

The course consists of 12 modules over three days and begins with a inquiry into the origins of blockchain and bitcoin and moves on to a practical, 'hands-on' introduction to bitcoins, where individuals get to register and open their own bitcoin accounts, and is designed to demonstrate, not only the practical, everyday use of blockchain, but is used to illustrate the key ideas driving technology uptake.

The course broadens out by studying why these idea’s are able to drive new, disruptive business models, and continues further, looking at the different elements and components that make up blockchain, as well as the practical use cases and opportunities (including the where and how things have not gone according to plan). The course then looks at how different organisations are using blockchain in innovative ways, including its impact on contracts, payments, ownership, transactions and settlement, and surveys as welll as the different responses of governments and regulators, before wrapping up with a look into the future, including potential impacts and and where Blockchain is headed.

 What Makes Blockchain Unique
 Which Features Are Driving Innovation, Adoption & Disruption
 Why It Is Attracting Such Interest From Different Quarters
 How Are Governments, Regulators Facing The Challenge
 How Are Regulators And The Market Responding
 How It Is Reshaping Our Notions Of Trust And Value?
 Who Stands To Gain And Who Stands To Lose
 When Will This Happen And What Can We Expect?
 The Impact Blockchain Will Have On Your Life!

Digital Innovation

The current wave of Digital Banking Innovation, that has emerged in the past 2 years has changed the face of banking, & competition from non-bank providers has changed retail banking forever