Cards & Payments Industry professional Course

The Cards & Payments Industry professional Course is designed to help you understand this dramatic change to how the industry approach to payments products and services has changed. This shift is driven by businesses and consumers as they  shift their habits and preferences.

The Cards & Payments Industry  has also yet to witness the full effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, as people, and companies look for alternative non-face-to-face ways to accept and process paymentsEveryone, from card issuers and acquirers to gateways and switches, Banks and Payments providers continue to embrace new technologies and keep pace.

Banks –  traditionally provided end-to-end services across the payments value chain are changing to meet increased competition from Fin-Techs, non-banks and third-party providers.

Digital payments and e-commerce providers – are building out rival payment methods as their services grow, and competition forces payments vendors to consolidate and capitalise on economies of scale.

Smartphones, mobile banking, IoT and payments applications vendors – these have gone mainstream, while contactless (NFC) payments enable consumers to make everyday purchases quickly and safely, especially for low-value transactions.

Meanwhile, payments processing is becoming increasingly commoditised, as players are looking for ways to expand their offerings through additional value-added services and consolidation.

Learn the latest trends and insights in cards and payments, from an industry expert, as well as the roles, structures, stakeholders & participants that make up the industry. Delegates will learn common card & payment challenges, & how to overcome them, and how to avoid common execution & operational pitfalls, as well as the key components of revenue, cost & expense and the financial models & the revenue flows, and who earns what in the value chain;

  • Gain a complete perspective of the end-to-end cards and interchange space and obtain an appreciation of present challenges and emerging trends
  • Understand the role participants play, and how these are governed and regulated and how they make it safe and predictable to conduct business
  • Learn how different types of payments suit different segments and learn which are growing and declining; based on macro-economics and shifting consumer preferences
  • Gain inside insight into the sub-industries working behind the scenes to keep e-commerce and the payments economy ticking
  • Learn how merchant acquiring & issuing works and how the competitive landscape is changing, and the changing role financial institutions play in this space, as well as the key players and the revenue and cost flows across card issuing and acquiring and see where the opportunities lie; and what to expect at various operational scales
  • Learn how 3 and 4 party card schemes differ and grasp the key features of EMV and CUPS and how EMV transaction is processed and more...