Mass Market Retail Banking

Mass Market Retail Banking requires a change in how the bank designs and delivers products and services to mass-market, low-banked and un-banked customers. The use and take-up of traditional banking services (deposits, term deposits, savings and investments) remains low in emerging markets. As a result, for low and un-banked customers cash is still King. However, the new focus on transactional revenue in low-value, high volume electronic transactions makes this segment an exciting new opportunity.

What has changed?

Changing demographics, education and wealth distribution has been driven in recent years by the dramatic fall in the costs of technology and stellar advances in Mobile & Digital Innovation. It appears to have awakened new interest from major banking players. They now see the opportunities in new and fast-growth markets, recently suggested by new Solveworx research.

There is a definite requirement for Transactional banking in the provision of person-to-person payments, domestic and international remittances, pre-paid purchases, and payment mechanisms. It represents a great opportunity to engage customers and build a sustainable, profitable business, with services crafted and priced to market requirements.

Modern banks realise that Innovation and Digital matters. However, nearly two decades after the introduction of Branchless Banking and Remote Banking Technology, many banks are still struggling to take advantage of the benefits. They still look to derive the value in Branchless Banking Networks.

The use and take-up of traditional banking services (deposits, term deposits, savings and investments) remains low in emerging markets for low and un-banked customers. Cash is still King, but this does not show a lack opportunities in Mass Market Retail Banking, far from it.

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  •   How to compete with networks and managing complex relationships
  •   Building low-cost, scalable footprint, presence and networks
  •   How to build out distribution networks for mobile and branchless banking
  •   How to develop capacity, capability, products, services and the IP (Intellectual Property) within your bank.
Mass Market and unbanked customers

Digital Innovation

The current wave of Digital Banking Innovation, that has emerged in the past 2 years has changed the face of banking, & competition from non-bank providers has changed retail banking forever