Digital Banking Masterclass – updated, and ready for 2024

Digital Innovation in Banking is a complex and multi-faceted process. It requires a deep understanding of the financial, regulatory, economic and technical environment within which banks operate. It also requires a strong understanding of customer preferences, needs and expectations. The Digital Banking Masterclass is designed to provide delegates with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to understand and navigate this environment.

Digital Innovation in Banking Masterclass provides a deep dive into the digital banking landscape, including the key players, trends, technologies and customer behaviour. It will demonstrate how to harness the power of digital to create a competitive edge and drive innovation.

This ultimately drives Improved customer experience, Increased efficiency and cost savings, Enhanced security and fraud prevention, Better data management and understanding of what's happening in the business and increased speed and agility

Designed for leaders, Specialists and Managers

The course also looks at how digital innovations can be used to increase customer engagement and loyalty, and how to measure the impact of these initiatives. The Digital Banking Masterclass also looks at how to create the right environment for digital innovation to thrive, how to build a data-driven organisation and how to use AI and Machine Learning to create a more personalised banking experience.

Attendees will also benefit from an in-depth look at the customer journey, as well as the latest innovations in digital banking such as Open Banking, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. The Digital Innovation in Banking Masterclass will provide attendees with the practical tools and strategies they need to deliver a superior customer experience.

Financial institutions must be able to deliver an easy to navigate, a seamless digital platform that goes far beyond a miniaturized online banking offering – Jim Marous | Digital Banking Thought Leader

Topics covered include:

  • Digital Banking Landscape
  • Digital Banking Trends & Technologies
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Open Banking & Fintechs
  • AI & Chatbots, including Chat GPT
  • Data Security & Regulation
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  • Digital Transformation Strategies


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