Managing Enterprise Risk & Innovation

Banks, Insurance Companies and the Regulated Financial Services Sector are under pressure to deliver, smart, inventive new products and services. New challenges from light and nimble competitors for Banks are growing in number and effectiveness every day. This means Banks must also respond faster to new changing conditions. Especially during the Post-Covid-19 realities and the ‘New Normal’.

Business Leaders and Risk Professionals must face the challenge of introducing new ways of doing things. This also means how traditional Enterprise Risk Management practise and strategies must evolve to meet the needs of the Organisation that values innovation, agility, speed and responsiveness.

Operational Risk, Compliance and Reporting leaders and managers are also under pressure. They need to reinvent and rethink collaboration with the broader business environment to grow and innovate. This ‘New Normal’ inevitably requires experts to chart the new course of action that is closely aligned to the enterprise Transformation Strategy. By incorporating Digital, Organisational Change Management best practices, with a keen eye on Risk, organisations can and will prosper in this new normal.

Learn from

  • Examples and Case Studies from the real-world: What works and how to respond when things go wrong
  • Why a new Risk and Innovation agenda is required for banks and financial services
  • How Enterprise Risk Management Strategies need to change
  • What aspects of Risk Management are a key part of Innovation, Transformation & Digital Change Management?
  • How changes in the Financial Services Industry are influencing Financial Risk Management best practices
  • How to Lead, Guide & Inform Compliance in a fast-paced Innovative Environment

Discover how Risk Professionals are responding to the challenges of fast-paced change. How the Risk Management conversation can adapt to a Leading Role - supporting, guiding & informing change across the organisation

Why managing and enforcing core objectives is more important in times of change

  • How to implement effective Risk Management Strategies for Innovation and Transformation and stay informed of the fast-paced Innovation environment
  • Succeeding in Innovation/Transformation Risk Management
  • Understanding the drivers of Innovation & Transformation
  • How top Banks and Regulated Financial Institutions are responding to Risk and Governance challenges
  • Why meeting core Risk Management Objectives and Innovation/Transformation through Digital Partnerships is more important than ever.
  •  How to shift the role of your organisations’ Risk & Compliance practise, and set the balance between regulation, compliance & managing the demands of Innovation & Transformation
  • How Regulators and Governments responding around the world
  • How Corporate Risk Professionals are responding to Trends & Financial Technology Challenges in Remittances, Agent Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain Technology, Bitcoins & Cryptocurrencies, Alternative Payments Methods, Alternative Value Stores (e.g. Wallets and Digital Currency Exchanges.



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