Mobile Banking Training

Mobile Banking Training and staying up to date with the latest developments in changing times is key. Non-face-to-face engagement, the Corona virus and social distancing has a direct impact on the customer experience, and as a result,  banks must constantly re-invent themselves to remain competitive.  Banks are constantly challenged to look for new ways of improving their offering and ‘stickiness’, which is why merely keeping up with other banks, or just providing mobile apps is not enough.

Why Mobile Banking Training?

We know that Mobile Banking has revolutionised financial transactions. This is why banks must constantly chang the way they operate to accommodate the fast-pace of technology and innovations. Which makes keeping abreast even more important. What’s more, low-cost, Mobile-only Digital Banks  are  putting even more pressure on banks to engage and retain different segments. Just two examples of  where mobile-only banks are making their presence felt are the smart, nimble, mobile-only banks Atom and  Starling. The Mobile Banking Training course has some great insights on how to prepare for the opportunities and threats ahead and what your Customers really want.

Is your Mobile Banking App trapped in a ‘Walled Garden‘?

The Mobile Banking Training course shows you why thinking outside the box is so important, and how to take your Digital Banking experience beyond cards, accounts & lending and why it’s the key to mobile growth.

The Mobile Banking course outlines what FinTechs and mobile-only banks have and what established banks can learn from, and how it has gone beyond merely providing access to accounts, to engaging different market segments.

The Mobile Banking Training course takes you on a comprehensive 3-day 'deep-dive' into the latest Mobile developments in Mobile Banking, with recent Case Studies & examples from relevant markets. The Mobile Banking Training draws on real world experiences, with valuable insights from an experienced Mobile Expert and former head of Mobile Banking from a Global Bank on how to prepare for the opportunities and threats ahead

 How to create 'sticky' mobile experiences and make actionable decisions from customer data

 How to gain market insights into user behavior for maximum impact and design for continuous improvement

'Don't Make Me Think', and other key principles of mobile UX design

Understanding the benefits of Design Thinking and how Design Thinking can boost creativity and break down barriers

How to Apply Design Thinking techniques when starting a new product or service

How mobile networks work & why it's is important to understand which opportunities banks may be missing and why cross-selling, up-selling & value added services is the future

 Learn the lessons from mobile-only banks, in this Mobile Banking Training course including Who is getting it right

 Learn from case studies taken from around the world including Atom Bank (UK), Starling Bank (UK) & Westpac

 If Banks can’t offer their customers something more valuable than Amazon Prime, then we are probably in the wrong business  
Bradley LeimerHead of Fintech Strategy at Explorer Advisory & Capital