Business Continuity and Information Systems Management

What is the course about?

Business Continuity Planning & Information System Risk Management in Banking course is designed to provide delegates with the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in managing the business continuity environment and Information System risks within the banking sector.

The "Business Continuity Planning & Information System Risk Management in Banking" course covers the key topics delegates need to gain the necessary practical skills, knowledge, and confidence to effectively manage risks, ensure business continuity, and protect critical information systems to ensure their professional development and skills competency in today's modern, banking workplace.

What delegates will learn

Delegates will acquire a deeper understanding of business continuity planning and information system risk management specific to the banking sector. This expertise is designed to enable them to contribute towards the effective management risks and ensure the continuity of operations in their organisations.

Over the duration of the course delegates will gain insights into the practical strategies and techniques to identify, assess, and mitigate business continuity and information system risks and acquire the skills necessary to develop robust plans, implement controls, and respond effectively to disruptions.

What delegates will learn in the Business Continuity and Information Systems Risk Management Course
Business Continuity Planning
  • Understand the importance of business continuity planning in banking operations.
  • Conduct a business impact analysis to identify critical processes and prioritise recovery efforts.
  • Develop effective risk assessment and mitigation strategies for business continuity.
  • Implement recovery strategies and solutions to minimise downtime and ensure rapid resumption of operations.
  • Establish incident response and crisis management protocols for effective decision-making during disruptions.
  • Conduct tests and exercises to evaluate the effectiveness of business continuity plans.

Information System Risk Management

  • Comprehend the frameworks and methodologies for managing information system risks in banking.
  • Identify and assess information system risks, including cybersecurity threats.
  • Implement robust controls and security measures to protect sensitive information and customer data.
  • Develop and maintain IT disaster recovery plans to ensure the availability and resilience of critical systems.
  • Establish third-party risk management processes to address risks associated with outsourcing and vendor relationships.
  • Stay updated with emerging trends and regulatory requirements in information system risk management


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