Covid inspired digital boom has changed how people live and work

No matter where, we are only really starting to come to terms with how fragile our economies and societies really are…

The challenges of remote working go beyond the practicalities of enabling each team member to have access to the tech, data and tools they need.

Many banks have experienced a ‘Digital Boom’ during the Pandemic – this hasn’t changed how people live and work, it is changing how people want to live and work

Online Training builds strong teams because it’s easy to do; tailored to the team’s unique needs; is less stressful, more engaging and delivers great results

13 Reasons why Banks will be around a lot longer than the experts predict or why Resilient Banks beats Fintech Smarts (almost) every time…. ‘Experts’ who forecast the Death of Banking with the same conviction that Fundamentalists predict the Apocalypse, are very much mistaken. There are at least Thirteen Reasons Why* this won’t happen that I can think of off the top of my head (though there are probably many more). So here goes… First – Payments is not the same as banking. Almost all such arguments that banks are failing customers appear rooted in the observation that some customers (ie. millennials*) either don’t like dealing with, or don’t think their banks doing enough to keep them happy. While there may be some truth in this, the way we experience Banking is usually through our cards, accounts, ‘wallets’ or devices . Like the mobile phones we use to pay for stuff, and conduct our finances. One can see why some folks could confuse confuse the two. But conflating the two is anothr matter entirely. To think that Payments and Banking are the same and concluding that customer demand for convenient ‘payment’ methods, and ‘Banks’ apparent slowness to respond, is somehow Read more…

Covid inspired digital boom has changed how people live and work

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Just a few of the banks and organisations that Solveworx has worked with

amic banking (مصرفية إسلامية) is banking or banking activity that is consistent with the principles of Sharia (Islamic law)

360° view of the Enterprise Payments Value Chain  From card issuers and acquirers to gateways and switches, Banks and Payments providers everywhere are working to simultaneously embrace new technologies and keep pace with changing customer demands.  The Expert Cards & Payments Masterclass course is a must for Cards & Payments professionals in diverse roles to understand how the end-to-end payment industry works, how to position the bank as both platform-player and participant, and how to cement the Banks role by building an in-depth, expert-led knowledge of the major elements that make up the world of Cards & Payments…FIND OUT MORE Banks that have traditionally provided end-to- end services across the payments value chain are challenged to change to meet increased competition from Fin-Techs, non-banks and third-party providers. Digital payments and e-commerce providers are building out rival payment methods and their services are attracting more entrants into the payments space, while competition is forcing payments vendors to consolidate and capitalize on economies of scale. Payments processing is also becoming increasingly commoditized, and players are looking for ways to expand their offerings through additional value-added services and consolidation, against their key concerns of how to minimise costs and optimise resources.  Meanwhile, smartphones, mobile banking, IoT and Read more…