Payments Encryption and Security Quiz

Security, Encryption, Payments and Standards are a key part of the payment industry, used to secure online payment systems. Many standards, methods and practises have been designed and regulated by the PCI Security Standards Council to maximise the security of sensitive information used in payment transactions. How much do you know about this fascinating industry? (30 Questions)

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1. What is ‘3-D Secure’?


2. Which of the following methods may be used to store PAN numbers in a PCI-DSS compliant environment? (Check all that apply).


3. Which statement(s) best describes the Data Encryption Standard (DES) and its features? (Check all that apply).


4. Which of statement correctly applies to the acronym AES?


5. What is meant by payment ‘De-Tokenisation’?


6. Select the best answer to complete the following statement: “Encryption is…”


7. Which statement applies to the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA – DSS)?


8. Which statement(s) apply during a financial authorisation process? (Check all that apply).


9. Which act involves illegally obtaining a person’s identity for the purpose of using it for unethical and/or financial gain?


10. What does the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) encompass?


11. PIN Verification occurs when…


12. Which term(s) apply to ‘Tokenisation’ in payments? (Check all that apply).


13. Which statement best describes the ‘Data Encryption Algorithm (DEA)?’


14. In the world of cryptography, what does ‘Triple DES’ (3DES) refer to?


15. What must companies do to protect cardholder data in a PCI-DSS compliant environment?


16. What is meant by the term ‘Digital Signature’? (Check all that apply).


17. What is an OTP? What does it stand for?


18. Which of the following statement best describes ‘cryptography’?


19. Why is the Cardholder Verification Method critical to all stakeholders in a payments ecosystem?


20. What role does a Hardware Security Module (HSM) play in securing payments data?


21. What is meant by ‘authentication’, when referring to card security?


22. Which statements (if any) apply to a Security Compliance Review? When done according to Financial Industry Best practise.


23. Offline PIN (Personal Identification Number) verification occurs when…


24. What steps should companies take to maintain a PCI-DSS secure network? (Check all that apply).


25. In fraud detection, a ‘false positive’ occurs when…


26. Which fraud type involves obtaining information through the use of a fake website or email, through impersonation and deception?


27. What does the term API represent, when used in software development?


28. What does CVM mean when referring to card payments?


29. Which statement applies to the storage of PAN numbers? (In a PCI-DSS compliant environment).


30. Which of the following terms best describes ‘Data Encryption’?



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