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hacking, cybersecurity & GSM/LTE networks

As Bank and Financial Services offerings scale and diversify, so the Cybersecurity Risk and Attacks multiply. Any breach in Banking System Security can come with devastating consequences

Do You Know the Difference Between a Card Issuer & Acquirer? Why are Alternative Payment Methods no longer considered ‘alternatives’? .How deep does your knowledge go? Test your knowledge with these 5 Quizzes

Payments Encryption and Security is a critical part of building and maintaining customer trust to prevent fraud and minimise risk loss

Digital Innovation in Banking Masterclass

Alternative payment methods offer a way for consumers to purchase goods or services using prepaid cards, e-wallets or payment

Advanced Cards and Payments domain knowledge test covering Card terminology, processing & security in the Payment Card Industry

Many banks have experienced a ‘Digital Boom’ during the Pandemic – this hasn’t changed how people live and work, it is changing how people want to live and work

Hacker surveys mobile landscape

Mobile banking continues to demonstrate its potential to fundamentally change the way banks in developing markets engage and deliver financial services

The runaway success of early operator mobile money products in East Africa held out a future for MNO’s eager to generate new revenue streams, beyond voice and data by boldly grabbing the public mind and private purses of previously low and UN-banked emerging market society. These services have become a much-referenced ‘gold standard’ of not only what mobile technology and financial services can achieve in emerging markets. Four years on, with over 200 mobile operator mobile money services around the world, how successful have these services been? Research by the Mobile Money Unit of the GSM association, GSMA MMU suggests that while the MNO’s have enjoyed varied levels of success with mobile money in emerging markets, their overall impact and success remains a bit of a mixed bag. The survey sampled 52 MNO mobile money (MM) services from the 150 MM services around the world. It included 11 in East Read more…

e four winning ingredients outlined in the previous post has shown again and again to place Banks in a leading position by taking charge of its own destiny through a Bank-Led approach to mobile banking…


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Digital Innovation in Banking Masterclass
The Cards & Payments Industry professional Course is designed to help you understand the dramatic way in which product and payment services have changed