pro-cras-ti-na-tion |prəˌkrastəˈnāSHən, prō-noun.

The action of delaying or postponing something

Log Book Entry: Serial procrastinator…

7:00 – Decide to work from home because its cold outside

7:35 – Make resolute decision to finish crushingly boring assignment TODAY

7:36 – Weigh-up how I should reward myself when I complete said work

7:37 – Decide on my cool ‘reward’ which is “Do some fun stuff”

7:38 to 8:41 – Attack work with gusto. Feeling good.

8:42 – Notice smudge on laptop screen obscuring a letter on my screen

8:43 to 8:45 – Ignore smudge, focus on work

8:45 to 9:02 – Focus more on smudge

9:03 – Decide action needed to clean smudge

9:04 to 9:12 – Search drawers for screen cleaning solution

9:12 – Find cleaning solution AND a screwdriver I thought was missing

9:18 – Remember loose handle in kitchen that needs tightening

9:26 – Finish tightening handle of frying pan – job well done

9:27 – Switch on kettle for rewarding cup of tea

9:32 – Finish cleaning screen

9:33 – Wonder why document is taking so long to finish…

10:55 – 10:59 – Write this

12:52 – publish

If you have ever had a day (or a life) like this, I strongly recommend you read “Why Procrastinators Procrastinate” published on October 30, 2013 By Tim Urban. All credit to “Wait but Why” and Sam Ferguson, who sen it to me. As a lifelong practitioner of this ‘art’, I have read many articles and books, but this one has to be the best (and the funniest). 

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