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Credit Risk Management for Relationship & Portfolio management is more than just long lunches and social calls.

Do You Know the Difference Between a Card Issuer & Acquirer? Why are Alternative Payment Methods no longer considered ‘alternatives’? .How deep does your knowledge go? Test your knowledge with these 5 Quizzes

Payments Encryption and Security is a critical part of building and maintaining customer trust to prevent fraud and minimise risk loss

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13 Reasons why Banks will be around a lot longer than the experts predict or why Resilient Banks beats Fintech Smarts (almost) every time…. ‘Experts’ who forecast the Death of Banking with the same conviction that Fundamentalists predict the Apocalypse, are very much mistaken. There are at least Thirteen Reasons Why* this won’t happen that I can think of off the top of my head (though there are probably many more). So here goes… First – Payments is not the same as banking. Almost all such arguments that banks are failing customers appear rooted in the observation that some customers (ie. millennials*) either don’t like dealing with, or don’t think their banks doing enough to keep them happy. While there may be some truth in this, the way we experience Banking is usually through our cards, accounts, ‘wallets’ or devices . Like the mobile phones we use to pay for Read more…

The action of delaying or postponing something Log Book Entry: Serial procrastinator… 7:00 – Decide to work from home because its cold outside 7:35 – Make resolute decision to finish crushingly boring assignment TODAY 7:36 – Weigh-up how I should reward myself when I complete said work 7:37 – Decide on my cool ‘reward’ which is “Do some fun stuff” 7:38 to 8:41 – Attack work with gusto. Feeling good. 8:42 – Notice smudge on laptop screen obscuring a letter on my screen 8:43 to 8:45 – Ignore smudge, focus on work 8:45 to 9:02 – Focus more on smudge 9:03 – Decide action needed to clean smudge 9:04 to 9:12 – Search drawers for screen cleaning solution 9:12 – Find cleaning solution AND a screwdriver I thought was missing 9:18 – Remember loose handle in kitchen that needs tightening 9:26 – Finish tightening handle of frying pan – job Read more…


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The Cards & Payments Industry professional Course is designed to help you understand the dramatic way in which product and payment services have changed