Why is Leadership and Digital Innovation so important?

Leadership and Digital Innovation is probably the single most important *new* management and business skill today. That’s because todays leaders must successfully navigate many challenges. These include keeping up with new entrants. Staying abreast of market demands and providing the right kind of leadership modern banks need to keep ahead of the challenges of business transformation and change. This makes it a a highly sought after skill

What is Leadership and Digital Innovation?

Simply put, Digital Leadership is the ability to work with all the assets at the business’ disposal, using modern technologies to get things done. It is about being able to innovate in response to challenges and opportunities using digital technologies that are incredibly quick to build, launch and scale. Ultimately, it is about aligning leadership to the speed, scale and sophistication of business today.

The Digital Banking Leadership Course will show you what organizational readiness means and how to assess capabilities, risk mitigation & and the challenges of implementing Digital Innovation in the enterprises. The course will guide you in building business cases for Innovation using case studies and best practices, as well as real-world examples from FinTech experts, and Digital Innovation professionals.

 Digital Innovation in Banking Sector
 Digital Technology, incl. Disruptive Technologies &FinTech
 Digital Trends, Best Practices & Strategies
 Digital Transformation Retail Strategies
 Digital Change Management & Performance
 Millennials, Competition, Segments & the Emergence of Remote Channels
 Big Data Analysis Techniques & Making Data Actionable
 How to Market Bank Products and Services
 Artificial Intelligence
 Omichannel vs. Optichannel
 Amazon, Google, Facebook & how Apple Pay & new start-up platforms are expanding digital payments, as well as how people, influence & culture, change & the role of theorganizationas the key to success in the digital world
The current wave of Digital Banking Innovation, that has emerged in the past few years has changed the face of banking, while competition from non-bank providers has changed Retail Banking forever

Jim Marous | Digital Banking Strategist 

Leadership in Digital Banking
Leadership and Digital Innovation