Banking Training Courses have resumed  for both In-Class/Event-based sessions and Online (Zoom/Teams) Training. Solveworx is now booking and scheduling for the  third and fourth Quarter, 2023 ( June – July and August to November).

Each course in our portfolio has been adapted, tried and tested for the different learning experience, by our experienced Training professionals and Course

Solveworx Online Courses offer

  • Flexibility: Delegates can access the training materials and modules from anywhere and at a time that is convenient.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Online virtually eliminates the need for travel expenses, accommodation, and venue rentals associated with classroom training. This cost-effectiveness makes online training a more affordable option, especially for organizations with limited training budgets.
  • Accessibility: Online breaks down geographical barriers, making it accessible to participants from anywhere and to Individuals who may not have had the opportunity to attend classroom training due to distance or logistical and promotes inclusivity and enables a wider audience to access valuable learning resources.
  • Scalability: Online makes it easy to accommodate a large number of participants simultaneously, across different locations making it efficient for organisations to train a large workforce or cater to the needs of a growing customer base.

While online training offers many benefits, classroom training also has its advantages, such as face-to-face interaction, immediate feedback from instructors, and collaborative learning opportunities. The choice between online and classroom training depends on the specific learning objectives,

Our Course experts and planners, work alongside you and the Business or Department Learning and Development, Human Resources or Training Professionals in your business, at every step, to make sure each course expertly planned and executed in a manner that works for everyone.


Hosting a Course for your Company | Team | Event or In-House Training?


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We work with you

…Our clients and customers to ensure you get what you need, when you need it. The impact of COVID-19 and Travel Bans has meant that we have revised all our courses for OnLine Delivery.  Our courses are brought to you, with one of our “On-Line” courses, delivered when & where works for you. The complete, live hosted Classroom learning experience, re-created & hosted by experienced expert Course Directors now available online

Online with expert Course Directors

Each ONLINE MasterClass consists of a number of Modules (or Sessions). Each Module is 55 minutes long, and is live, hosted by a Moderator & run by the Course Director. Our On-Line platform lets you watch & interact with the Course Director, live, in real-time using our Training Platform*.

You can follow each lesson, ask questions, & discuss points of interest between all participants live in real-time. The Course Moderator is on standby 15 minutes before each session starts as well as during each Session Module to help participants stay connected and engaged, and ensure each Module runs smoothly. 

Our courses are run LIVE daily during your office hours, weekdays – so you can work Training into your workweek*, without having to take time off. 

Each Module is available ‘On-Demand’ after each session

Moderators play an important role ensuring each Module runs smoothly, by managing the overall experience between the Director & Delegates

  • Sends email Reminders 24 hours before & five minutes before each Module
  • Troubleshoots common connection problems (eg. Mic & Video) and helps with common connection problems
  • Manages virtual ‘break-out’ & Group discussions
  • Ensures the Course Director responds to Delegate comments
  • Posts any content, notes, video & reading material
  • Records each Session & uploads lessons for ‘On-Demand’ viewing

*Please check your schedule and the days & times in your Time Zone. Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions, carefully!


Some of the dates marked below are corporate events limited to delegates from their respective organisations. To host your own internal training Online, please get in touch here. We are constantly adding new trainings and dates, so get in touch or check back regularly.  *Note some of the end dates may vary. Please check your schedule

If your employees have forgotten the lessons of your most recent seminar, or training there is no reason to expect them to become more effective leaders back in the workplace
Gary Collins |Managing Director | Solveworx

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