The Digital Innovation in Banking Masterclass

The Digital Innovation in Banking Masterclass is designed to show leaders, Specialists and Managers how Digital has the blurred the boundaries between Lifestyle, Product and Providers have blurred, and changed customer expectations forever. Digital Banking Training is designed to give the kind of real insights that help Banks make the change from ‘Bank Platform’ to ‘Strategic Partner’.

That’s because the biggest challenge for business professionals is how to re-imagine Technology as a business tool, and embrace Technology as a key driver for Change, Innovation & Transformation.  Great people, the power of great ideas and the ability to flex and evolve over time is the new battleground. Banks are very much front and centre in the competition for customers, market-share and mind-share.

The actual ‘Business of Banking’ and what banking actually entails (as opposed to what people think it entails), is so much more than just ‘cards, payments and wallets’, and is often derived from a very narrow understanding of what Banks actually do, highlighted in this Digital Banking Training Course.

The Digital Innovation in Banking Masterclass aims to give delegates the complete 360º perspective of Digital Innovation in Banking. The course outlines how different priorities and perspectives stack up across the organisation, and how these impact the nature and pace of Transformation.

It is designed to highlight why it is so important for banks to bridge the gap between 'Product', 'Business' and ‘Technology', and how to put your new skills to use and overcome resistance to change using techniques designed to influence others, and making Transformation everyones responsibility.

The Course has three GOALS

  • ONE - Provide banking professionals with the insights required to re-imagine the banks role in the world of Digital Banking; and why the ‘Art of the Possible’ is so important when it comes to leading Digital Transformation and Innovation. Each session is accompanied by real-world examples, lessons and case studies from banks from around the world
  • TWO - Show how the convergence of financial and lifestyle services brought about by digital technology has blurred the boundaries between Industries, Products and Service Providers. The sessions draw on extensive examples and case-studies of what successful banks are doing do (and also what not to do), from the experiences of other banks.
  • THREE - Illustrate some of the practical tools, steps and practises to engage different parts of the business and how to influence and bring others along the journey, by using tools such as Design Thinking to help the creative process, break down barriers and implement change.