Portfolio Management for Relationship Managers

Commercial, Corporate and Institutional Banking Portfolio Management for Relationship Managers

Portfolio Management for Relationship Managers is the essential course for anyone looking to understand, how to properly manage and structure a portfolio of Commercial, Corporate and Institutional credit exposures that generates profit and meets RoE the organisations requirements, with key insights and practical knowledge into how different Transaction ‘families’ generate different types of Credit Risk and banking ‘best practise’ to manage credit exposures across the portfolio.

Portfolio Management for Relationship Managers teaches the essential, practical skills and insights every Relationship and Portfolio Manager should possess, to manage a profitable and sustainable portfolio within a Bank or Regulated Lending Credit Risk Management Business.

It is aimed at both aspiring and new-to-role Relationship & Client Portfolio Managers, bankers & high-potential Credit Support candidates  looking for the next career step toward managing their own portfolio of SME, Commercial or Corporate clients. Portfolio Management for Relationship Managers course is also suited to Credit Risk Management professionals already in the role to refresh and update the practical and theoretical the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage a portfolio of SME, Commercial or Corporate customers on behalf of a Bank or Regulated Lender.

Portfolio Management for Relationship Managers Training Course has also been designed with Team Training in mind, to further enhance and grow the knowledge base across the portfolio and develop the skills crucial to growing and maintaining a high-performance Credit Management culture and profitable Lending Portfolio, with the addition of a ‘live’ simulation exercise. The live simulation is ideally suited to Team Training situations where each group gets to make decisions and respond to ‘real-world’ scenario’s, growing the knowledge base and building Team effectiveness.


The Portfolio Management for Relationship Managers Course covers

  • The key skills, knowledge and insights to manage Commercial, Corporate and Institutional credit exposures, manage portfolio risk, generate profits and ensure sustainable Returns on Equity (RoE)
  • Understanding the credit risk strategy and significant credit risk policies of the bank and their impact on Client Relationships
  • Deal or No deal: From initial deal assessment strategies and questions to ask at every stage of the deal cycle
  • Delegated Authorities, Segregated Duties and working as a Credit Management Team to protect to the Client, Manager and Lender
  • Who to engage with and when? How to engage? Workshop, paper, briefing note or proposal?
  • Default probability, The Recovery rates, Direct versus contingent exposure and the expected loss, Credit Valuation Adjustments, Debit Valuation Adjustments, and Own Credit Risk Adjustment and more
  • Detailed guide to writing up the credit paper, from first engagement to finished product
  • Credit Risk and Risk classes for Banks and Regulated Lenders and the Transactions that create Credit Risk
  • Balance Sheet basics, what to look for and where to find it; from affordability and revenue assessments to sustainability, loan Impairment and how Loan-Loss Accounting, Regulatory Requirements for Loan-Loss Reserves impact each deal………AND MORE