Commercial, Corporate and Institutional Banking Credit Portfolio Management

Today’s Commercial, Corporate and Institutional Relationship & Portfolio Managers really need to be on top of their game, managing portfolio’s that may span the major families of transactions that generate credit risk for banks. Commercial, Corporate and Institutional Relationship & Portfolio Managers deal with complex and challenging risks environments that range from the most common source of credit risk for banks, which includes issuing loans, credit lines, and other forms of credit; to activities, such as buying and selling financial instruments such as bonds, derivatives, and foreign exchange; taking on credit risk through underwriting activities, such as issuing and selling securities like stocks and bonds; settlement and clearing trades and the clearing of payment and securities transactions; accepting deposits, and providing cash management services and providing guarantees, such as letters of credit, to support customers transactions. Risk Families Each family of transactions requires different risk management techniques. It’s important for Read more…


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