The key to building a winning mobile banking proposition is to grasp the key elements that have led to bank-led mobile banking success in emerging markets in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data), has enormous potential to deliver new products and services to mobile customers in the Pacific, but has yet to come into its own as a mature, fully-fledged service. Like SMS, USSD has a low barrier to entry for subscribers and customers. It is intuitive, menu-driven and works across all handsets, yet unlike SMS, USSD services and availability varies greatly across Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) and regions in the Pacific. “Just about every handset made in the last 10 years handles USSD sessions and menus, and all GSM handsets will at least handle basic USSD, which is why this is a popular service for top-ups and balance inquiries” said Gary Collins, Head of Mobile and InStore banking at Westpac Bank. “It requires no special handset functionality, so customers don’t need expensive java-enabled smartphones, or pre-loaded Sim-cards. From a mobile customer point of view, it is ready Read more…

One of the most widely discussed topics in popular business commentary today has to be that of ‘Digital Transformation’ and ‘Digital Innovation’ in Banking – and there are only so many ways to say the same thing – banks intent on reaping the benefits of digitisation, have to change how they think and act as they go about their daily business, technology is simply the enabler. The consensus view across the many websites, blogs, case studies, research and anecdotal opinion, points to a clear link between those organisations that have successfully made deep-seated changes – not only in the sphere of Digital Technology – but the way in which they think and go about their business, are starting to reap the benefits. This should not come as a surprise. The latest in a series of annual surveys of senior bank executives, published (by EFMA) reveals that only a handful (13%), Read more…

A 360° view of the Enterprise Payments Value Chain  From card issuers and acquirers to gateways and switches, Banks and Payments providers everywhere are working to simultaneously embrace new technologies and keep pace with changing customer demands.  The Expert Cards & Payments Masterclass course is a must for Cards & Payments professionals in diverse roles to understand how the end-to-end payment industry works, how to position the bank as both platform-player and participant, and how to cement the Banks role by building an in-depth, expert-led knowledge of the major elements that make up the world of Cards & Payments…FIND OUT MORE Banks that have traditionally provided end-to- end services across the payments value chain are challenged to change to meet increased competition from Fin-Techs, non-banks and third-party providers. Digital payments and e-commerce providers are building out rival payment methods and their services are attracting more entrants into the payments space, while competition Read more…

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Digital Innovation in Banking Masterclass
The Cards & Payments Industry professional Course is designed to help you understand the dramatic way in which product and payment services have changed