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Digital Leadership in Banking MASTERCLASS


  • Each Module is 55 Minutes
  • 3 Modules daily (3 hours daily)

Follow each lesson, ask questions, & discuss points of interest between all participants live in real-time


  • 3 Sessions Daily
  • 3 hours per Session

A Moderator is on standby to make sure each session runs smoothly


New Dates for the First Quarter 2021

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  • Course Director & Moderator/Assistant
  • Training, Certificate & e-BOOK

PLUS Each Module available ‘On-Demand’ after each Session


Introduction to Digital Transformation: Formulating an Innovation agenda

Module 1 (55 minutes)

  • How COVID-19 & social-distancing will affect Customer relationships & engagement
  • Why mobile will be the retail distribution channel & the dominant retail-banking channel
  • How can banks respond to Innovation & threats from non-bank Mobile offerings & payment platforms such as Apple Pay, Facebook & other non-bank competitors?
  • Capability – What do Digitally Transformed Banks do better & why organisational readiness is key

Technology Innovations and Digital Banking trends: The Case for Innovation

Module 2 (55 minutes)

  • Retail banking trends – What does Industry research reveal about the future performance. Who are the best performers/innovators and why?
  • What are some of the most interesting and promising Fintech ideas today and why?

Digital Tools & Techniques: Operating in a fast changing, ambiguous market

Module 3 (55 minutes)

  • Building and sustaining momentum in the organisation
  • Engaging stakeholders and build momentum in a complex organisation
  • Aligning structure, processes, people, and technology toward value-creation and value-protection


Organic Transformation -  Proving the concept of Transformation

Module 7 (55 minutes)

  • Inspiring other people, to imagine and implement a new future
  • Maintaining the momentum

On Being Agile

Module 8 (55 minutes)

  • What is Agile Banking, what does it mean and where to begin?
  • Take stock of the Risks and benefits of launching an Agile transformation
  • Building on established Principles and practices already in place

Using Design Thinking to boost creativity and get stuff done

Module 9 (55 minutes)

  • What is Design Thinking?
  • Why think like a designer?
  • Differences from the traditional model
  • Design Thinking application examples


How our understanding of Transformation continues to evolve

Module 4 (55 minutes)

  • Fighting ‘Fake Transformation’ - Cost reduction, Patch or Change
  • Achieving Transformation Fluency & Strategic Agility
  • Open up markets which didn’t previously exist.
  • Transform products that are complicated, inconvenient, and expensive
  • Make Products & Services Affordable, convenient, and accessible

How do Banks remain relevant in a highly competitive and fast-moving world?

Module 5 (55 minutes)

  • Competing with FinTechs and non-bank Wallet and Payment Providers
  • What strategies are most successful in delivering real innovations
  • Overcoming the challenges of working with FinTechs

The Customer Journey in Banking – delivering a seamless experience

Module 6 (55 minutes)

  • The digital customer journey. How to achieve excellence in experience delivery
  • Rethinking the customer relationship to deliver value and meet customer needs
  • Delivering to customer aspirations and retaining customers

  • How to ensure new FinTech ideas become reality and everyone benefits from collaboration


How to Apply Design Thinking: Part I, Designing New products or services

Module 10 (55 minutes)

  • Identify the Design Thinking stages
  • Guidelines for Design Thinking

How to Apply Design Thinking: Part II, Building a business case for Innovation

Module 11 (55 minutes)

  • Developing a Business Strategy
  • Designing Digital User Experiences and User-Centered Services and Projects

Covid-19 - Preparing for the future & the ‘New Normal’

Module 12 (55 minutes)

  • Lending motivation to everyone’s digital knowledge
  • Continuous training & a new way of working
  • Building a cost effective support model for the business


Stuff you should know

  • Please check your setup before the course starts! It is up to you to make sure that your laptop or computer, Software & Internet Connection & peripherals are in good working order, and meet the minimum requirements* to participate. If in doubt use this free self-checking tool. Double check that you have the right time in your Timezone.  We’ll send an email reminder 5 minutes before each lesson, but it’s  YOUR responsibility to ensure that you are online and ready to go at the appointed time
  • We promise we’ll make every effort to ensure a smooth learning experience, but once the lesson has started, neither the Course Director  nor Solveworx cannot be responsible for anyone who is experiencing technical issues that are beyond the control of the Course Director &/or Solveworx. Please read our Terms & Conditions online